Sunday, April 12, 2015

Snippet Sunday: Assignment: Reunion edition #1 (plus some personal notes)

As I emerge from the miasma my life has been the last six to eight months I've realized that I have to start using this little cul-de-sac of the World Wide Web I created long ago. Siobhan Muir has given me a great way to do this with her Snippet Sunday, of which this is my inaugural post. But first, a quick note about me.

For the few of you that may not know, I lost Holly, my wife of 14 years, last November after a month long battle with sepsis that the doctors now tell me was caused by (they believe) pneumonia. I know there wasn't an autopsy and they hadn't told me that before, but the news doesn't surprise me. Either way, she's still gone.

However, I am returning to as normal a life as I can. I recently rejoined the work force as a part time associate at Walmart. That, plus a survivor's benefit I'm receiving from Holly's SS disability will enable me to live comfortably while I work on my career as an author.

That is beginning to get back on track, too. What I thought was a grief-induced writer's block I have discovered was also partially due to trying to force an unnatural structure on Darius and Ayano's story. When I gave that up and decided to roll with the punches, the story began flowing again. Now, the only thing that is slowing me down is fatigue from work. My body is growing stronger and I am regaining my desire and ability to write. That will be evident by the following snippet. This snippet takes place on the day in January, 1992 when Darius and Ayano first meet.

Disclaimer: This is an unedited first draft and may not make it into the final draft in this form.