Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Assignment: Sensations Teaser

Now that the release of Assignment: Sensations is a month away, I'd like to give you a teaser of what's in store for you when you buy the book. This is also the first week that I'm participating in the Romancing The Kink's Dungeon Crawl, and I would like to thank them for this opportunity. I do want to let you know this is NSFW and is for those who are 18+ (or the legal age of majority in your location.)

    “Jen, the scene starts now. Strip.”

    Jennifer froze at the command, her brow damp with perspiration. How—how does he want me to do this? Am I to entertain him? Just bare my body? I—I—I don’t know if I can do it!

    Paul leaned forward in his chair. “Jennifer, when I tell you to do something, you are to do—”

    “O—Orange.” She couldn’t keep her voice from wavering. She felt a tear on her cheek but was afraid to wipe it away.

    “What is it, Jen?”

    Her voice still shaking, she asked, “How—how do you want me to strip? Am I supposed to be sexy for you? Is it for—”

    As she spoke, Paul stood up and stepped over to her. He wrapped his arms around her. Jennifer’s trembling faded away as he pulled her close to him. He lowered his head to her cheek and kissed away the tear that hung there. Without words, he made her feel loved and protected.

    In a low voice, Paul told her, “There’s no trick here. I just forgot to tell you what to do. I’m sorry, I guess I’m a bit rusty.”

    “Thank you.” Jennifer looked up at him. Seeing the love in his eyes drove the fear out of her heart.

    “Let’s start over, shall we? What I want you to do is to undress as you normally would if you were about to take a bath or get ready for bed. Put your clothes on the couch neatly then stand where I’ve indicated.”

    Jennifer bit her lower lip. “I don’t want to mess up your leather couch, Sir.”

    “What do you mean? You wouldn’t mess it up just by putting your clothes on it.”

    Jennifer dropped her gaze. “My—my panties are rather wet. I don’t want that to get on the leather.”

    Paul smiled. “And I don’t want you to mess up your pretty dress, so when you get to them, just give them to me.”

    The request surprised Jennifer. “Sir? Why would you want me to do that?”

    “I’ll take care of them. Please don’t worry.”

    Paul sat back down in his chair and looked at Jennifer. “OK, Jen, we’ll start the scene over. Take off all your clothes and lay them on the couch. I want to see you naked before me.”

    Jennifer reached behind her to pull down the zipper on her dress, thankful that Paul couldn’t see her hands still trembling slightly behind her back. She slid the dress down her arms and stepped out of it, then walked over to the couch. She turned to look at Paul.

    “Go ahead and drape it on the back, Jen. I’d hate to wrinkle such a pretty dress.”

    Jennifer carefully laid the dress on the back of the couch, then took off her high heels and placed them on the floor in front of the couch. She walked back to her appointed spot and faced Paul again, wearing only her bra, panties, nylons and garter belt. Paul smiled as he looked her over from head to toe. His smile emboldened Jennifer.

    Feeling more confident, she next unhooked her nylons from her garter belt, one at a time, before rolling the stockings down and off her legs. When she had deposited the nylons with her dress, she removed her garter belt. She stood there wearing only her bra and panties.

    They were a matching set Jennifer had purchased years ago, just before Larry dumped her. She had never had a chance to wear them until now. The look on Paul’s face as he watched let her know that she made the right choice when she bought them. She reached behind her back again and unfastened the bra. Holding it against her breasts while she pulled the straps down, she freed the garment and slid it down her arms, revealing her breasts to Paul for the first time.

    Jennifer didn’t like her breasts—they weren’t large enough, while her nipples were too prominent-two things that Larry always brought up when they were together in bed. She watched Paul’s face intently to see if he held the same opinion. The glint in Paul’s eyes and the smile on his lips banished any worries she had. An involuntary gasp of “they’re beautiful” thrilled her to her core, hardening her nipples almost painfully and making her panties soggier than ever.

    She slid her hands down her belly, intending to catch the waistband and push it over her hips. They took on a life of their own, however, traveling under the satin as they homed in on her drenched nether lips and her erect clit. She slid the middle finger of her left hand through her cream, ending inside her vagina while her right hand began to massage her throbbing bud.

    Jennifer closed her eyes as she played with herself, forgetting where she was and who was watching. The fire in her core started to build until she heard Paul exclaim, “STOP!” She pulled her hands from her panties as the heat of her embarrassment swept away the fire of her arousal. She avoided Paul’s stare.

    He stood and walked in front of her, stopping just short of touching. Even though Jennifer burned with embarrassment, the heat from Paul’s body engulfed her. The bulge in his pants almost grazed her mound and she swore it singed her skin. Without touching, he leaned in close and whispered in her ear, “You do not get to play with My cunt unless I give you permission. Understand?”

    Jennifer had always considered that word to be the basest, most insulting term used to belittle and demean women. She had never said the word, never known anyone who used the word and never, ever had it used to describe her vagina. To her amazement, though, her vaginal muscles contracted powerfully as cream gushed from within. The fire inside her turned white-hot and her heart nearly broke out of her chest. In short, the moment he whispered that word in her ear, she nearly came on the spot.

    “I understand, Sir,” she replied in a whisper. She kept her head down—she didn’t know what she’d do if she looked in his eyes at that moment. As Paul moved back just a bit, she stuck just her thumbs in the waistband and slid the scrap of satin down her legs, bending over as she did, before stepping out of them one leg at a time. She handed it to Paul, who brought the lace up to his nose and inhaled. “A most delightful aroma,” he said as he returned to his chair, depositing the panties on a side table.

    Jennifer stood before Paul completely naked. She stared straight ahead and kept her hands at her side, despite an almost overwhelming urge to cover her groin with them. She stood there for what seemed like forever, until curiosity overwhelmed her. She glanced down to see what he was doing. Paul just sat and gazed at her body, his eyes slowly rising and lowering along the length of it. I couldn’t feel more self-conscious if I was standing naked in the middle of Utica Square! I wonder what he thinks of me right now?

    Jennifer ventured a quick glance at Paul’s lap. He made no effort to hide the bulge in his slacks. Of course he’d have an erection. He’s looking at a naked woman! But wait—wasn’t he just as hard when he stopped me as I played with myself? If I’m not mistaken, he was the same way when he comforted me in the beginning.

    Jennifer caught a movement that brought her back to attention. Paul had left his chair and was walking up to her left side. He stood just a few inches away from her-close enough for her to feel his presence but not close enough to touch. He leaned in to her, still not touching, and whispered in her ear. “Continue to look straight ahead. Do not take your eyes from the spot you choose. Do not try to follow me around with your eyes—or you will be punished.”

    Punished? What would he do to me?

    Paul disappeared from her peripheral vision so quietly she could not tell where he was by listening. She tried to determine what he was doing—Does he find something fascinating with my back?—when two fingers touched her at the base of her skull and traced her spine from her head to her tailbone, one finger on each side of her spine. Goosebumps sprung up on her arms and her nipples swelled even more.

    The pressure from his touch disappeared. Jennifer almost mewed in desperation, craving Paul’s touch. She felt him palm her ass, one hand on each cheek. He seemed as if he was inspecting her—exploring, testing and gauging her flesh before they, too, disappeared. This time he gave a slight grunt and then he grabbed both ass cheeks and spread them wide, exposing her anus.

    Jennifer nearly broke into tears from embarrassment. He’s inspecting me, like he would inspect an animal before handing over the money. What have I gotten myself into? She ventured a deep breath in an attempt to still her nerves. As she exhaled, she felt him slowly close her cheeks before his touch once again was gone.

    Paul walked back into her vision, ending directly in front of her. She found herself looking at his chin and held her position, not knowing what else to do. His mouth opened and closed as he said, “Good girl!” Her chest swelled a bit with pride but she resisted the urge to smile.

    She saw him tilt his head forward to look down at the same time she felt him take her breasts in his hands, hefting them as if to gauge their weight. He let them back down and inspected her breasts as he had done her ass, his finger roaming over every bit of flesh and his palms repeatedly brushing across her sensitive nipples.

    Each touch, each slightest brush of his palm against her buds sent shocks of pleasure racing from her nipples to her clit and deep into her core. She almost jerked as he ended his inspection by abruptly pinching both nipples at the same time. As she tried to collect her wits, Jennifer felt something cool rolling slowly down her left inner thigh. It could only be one thing-her cream! She willed herself not to react, not to blush—to please him by doing what Paul told her to do.

    Paul suddenly disappeared from her sight. He could only have crouched n front of her. He touched her belly and she grew anxious again. She didn’t have a flat abdomen and hoped that she wouldn’t disappoint him. She felt him was stroke her belly softly, gently—one could say lovingly, taking the time to feel the softness of her skin. He tickled her navel for a second and she almost doubled over with the sensation. She tensed for a few seconds until it passed, then she realized what she had just done. I—I resisted his tickle! My desire to obey Sir was stronger than my tickle reflex!

    His hand trailed down over her mound and through her pubic hair. She hoped he liked what she had done with it as she had taken the time to trim it neatly. She tried to gauge his interest in her pubes by his touch but couldn’t discern his conclusion. His fingers drifted lower, tracing a path on either side of her clit hood. She willed him to touch her clit, to stroke it for her but his fingers continued their path, bypassing her inner labia and only grazing the outside of her outer lips.

    Just as she thought he would continue back to her anus again, the fingers changed course and traveled down her inner thighs, revealing that he had used both hands to inspect her outer labia. As one finger was joined by the rest on each side, Paul slid his hands down her inner thighs. The feeling was erotic until he dragged his nails down the sensitive flesh. It felt like he was flaying her thighs, but at the same time the sensations made her clit throb and her vagina clamp down again. The fire in her core nearly drove her off the edge—and then he pulled his hands away and stood up.

    Paul stood in front of her again but she could not focus her eyes enough to see him. He stood there, not moving, while she slowly pulled together the pieces of her being, fighting to regain awareness. As she finally focused on his chin, she realized she was ever so slightly weaving from side to side. She regained her equilibrium in time to see Paul step back and pick up the collar.

    “Jen,” he began, “I have seen a fair number of women in my years of dominance. I can state with absolute certainty that none of them compare to you. If I were able to assemble my own submissive, she would not be as wonderful as you. If I could, I would keep you naked forever, so I could feast on your beauty whenever I want.

Assignment: Sensations will be released on April 24th.


  1. That was very hot and descriptive. It's like you are in the room with them.

  2. Hot! a great interaction between them, very sensual

  3. Super hot and I loved the faltering at the beginning with HOW to take her clothes off and how sweetly he reassured her. Beautiful!